Baptisms, Confirmation and Funerals


We’re told in the Bible that those who would consider themselves to be Christians should be baptised in Jesus’ name. At the Holy Spirit we baptise both children and adults, usually after the Sunday service at 1145. For more information about arranging a baptism, or if you are interested in having a service of dedication or thanksgiving instead, please contact Rev Iain Robertson. You can get more information on thanksgivings at Thanksgiving Services in the Church of England.


Confirmation marks the point at which you affirm for yourself the faith you were baptised into, either as an infant or later in life. Confirmation is a serious step and so candidates will be given the opportunity to discuss their faith to make sure they know what it means to be committing to follow Christ the rest of their life. If you have been baptised and would like to make a public declaration of your faith please do contact Rev Iain Robertson to discuss the next steps.


The loss of a loved one is always difficult to come to terms with.  Whilst we have no churchyard at the Church of the Holy Spirit we do still conduct funeral services in church for those who wish and our clergy are only too willing to conduct services at the Crematorium.  Despite the difficult times faced at the time of bereavement we do have to mention that we have to charge for such services.  For information about the costs involved please see the schedule of fees.